Find your Why

Let’s start with Sinek. What is the thing that you now that you where born for? It’s not actually easy to have such a self awareness. My personal Why in life is difficult to exprime and I’m still formulating it, and when I will find it I post it here, but I know that this personal site is an extension of it. This elegant space, away form crowded cities of the Internet (Social Media), like a house in mountains, it’s an experiment in which I will try to instill some personal ideas on the things that matters to me.

Not long ago a listened Tony Robbins talking about his path to knowledge, in which he describes books as a result of many years of research and life experience of the author, therefore by reading book you live another life, gaining wisdom, knowledge and perspective.

This powerful statement opened my mind. I started reading with passion and right now I’m trying to keep the pace with few books per month. As you noticed, there is a Goodreads widget that will tell you what book I’m into.

That’s all for now.

đŸ˜‰Â start with why golden circle




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